For Customers

You can also sign-up by registering on our website. Also, you can download the Hector Power free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, and enter your information into the app.

You can request the service for your friend or relative by providing their addresses when making the order.

During inclement weather we advise our pros to reschedule the service for the next day for the following reasons: Avoid damage to your property, their equipment and continue providing a safe working environment. We will contact you if your service has been rescheduled. In case of snow removal, providers are expected to continue service during severe snow storms. However, we can expect delays if there are travel restrictions in some areas.

Instant quotes are available for some cleaning services. The Price is calculated based on different factors depending on the service requested. For example, for gutter cleaning, these are the two questions we ask to determine the price: house size and number of stores.

You will see the cost up front for several cleaning services. Then, you will have the option to choose the day you prefer the service is performed and pay for it. For home improvement quotes, a pro will visit your property to determine the price of the service.

Yes, you can get a quote at any time for certain cleaning services. Note that prices are subject to change. Also, you can request a quote for your home remodeling project at any time.

We are currently working on introducing a recurring service, so you will be able to schedule recurring cleaning services.

Please refer to each cleaning service for details about what each service includes.

Hector Power is currently available in the Metro West area of Massachusetts. We are working on expanding our service area in the near future. To find out if we service your area, place your address into the address bar in the website or the app and you will know if we service your area.

We require all of our exterior cleaning pros and home improvement pros to have commercial grade equipment and General Liability Insurance in the event of an accident. We require comprehensive business background checks and each pro traveling to your location to pass a 6-point criminal background check. House cleaners pros have to pass an extended background check to ensure the safety of our customers and a high quality interior cleaning service.

Once a job is completed, your pro will take a photograph of the completed work and send it to you. You can see the picture from your App or your Hector Power account. For interior home cleaning, we will send a notification via email once the job is completed.

Exterior cleaning scheduled jobs will be completed by end of day. We send a reminder to our pros on the day your job is scheduled, and they have until sundown on that day to service you. If you would like your cleaning service to be done at a specific time, please contact customer service.

Yes, you can cancel service of a placed order. A cancellation fee will be applied if the job has already been assigned to a pro. If the job hasn’t been assigned yet, there won’t be any charge.

For Pros

The enrollment form for providers can be found here (link to contractors/cleaners enrollment page). After you submit the sign up form, we will contact you to complete the process.

We require all of our providers to have the following in order to join our team:  General Liability Insurance: All Hector Power providers are required to carry General Liability insurance with a limit of $1,000,000 US dollars per occurrence. You will be required to provide your insurance information upon registration.   Licensing for Trade Professions: If you select to offer home improvement services, you will be required to provide appropriate license information.

After you’ve completed the sign up process, you will be ready to start accepting jobs.

When customers request service, they selects the date they want job to be completed by. Providers have until the end of that day to complete the job. Note: Claimed jobs must be completed on date requested. If there’s an issue of inclement weather, please contact us so we can notify the customer.

Jobs in your area will begin appearing in your app as they are requested by customers. When a customer places an order in your area, you will receive a

notification through the app on your phone.

You will set up a direct deposit account with Hector Power when you sign-up. Direct deposit payments are made within 2 business days of the job’s completion.

We will give you access to the provider portal once your registration is complete.

We’ve found that our customers are typically honest and accurate with their descriptions. Sometimes, we do run into cases where the customer’s description doesn’t match with reality. If you feel that it has been misrepresented, please take a picture of the part of the house serviced and contact us. We’ll contact the customer on your behalf, and adjust price if needed.

Yes! You can sign up to offer multiple services. Just note what services you want to offer on the enrollment form.